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Kindred & Co. 2024 Planner with reflection prompts and habit trackers

2024 Planner – Kindred & Co. Edition

This will be the four rendition of the Kindred Planner and boy have things changed since the early versions. The early versions had perfect binding, which made them look more book like, but did not lay flat. The next 2020 planner version didn’t have a guide explaining some of the uniquely Kindred Planner pieces. Which […]

Kindred Planner


You are a human being, not a human doing.

Back in college, a friend shared a phrase her mom liked to say: you are a human being not a human doing. The impact of hearing that was like getting a brain freeze – stopping me in my thoughts then and now (thankfully unlike a brain freeze does).  As someone who has always struggled with […]



Your story as a human being, not human doing.

We’ve got a big announcement for you, and it’s right in the title itself. From the beginning of the existence of the planner and this business, it was (and has always been) about one thing: human being not human doing. Helping individuals know that they are worthy. Period, as is, nothing more to be seen […]

Kindred & Co.


Understanding your story in a word

I don’t know when the “pick a word for the year” trend started, but it seemed kind of a silly one to me. How could someone possibly pick a word and know that it would be transformative and critical to their year? A year that has barely begun.  Today I sit here swallowing my pride, […]



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At the end of every month we write a reflection blog post that correlates with the reflection questions in the Kindred Planner. 

Consider this your invitation to reflect along with us, coffee (or tea) in one hand and Kindred Planner (or journal) in the other.



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Your worth, who you are and who you are becoming are so important to the heart of Kindred & Co. that we put together a series of blog posts to help you practice being.



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Sweet like honey are the encouraging stories you'll find here.

Read the stories from our community gathered here! Some stories of K&Co. products, yes, but more important, stories of how they are living as human beings, finding their identity first and foremost in their inherent worth.


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From the moments that have shaped Kindred & Co. to the big dreams seen fulfilled to the best roundup of YOUR kindred stories, here are our favorites posts.

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