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You are a human being, not a human doing.

Let our paper goods capture your being + becoming story as you do life. 

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You do not need to do more to be more.

You are worthy. Period. There isn’t an “I am worthy when… fill in the blank” caveat. The statement “I am worthy,” stands alone.

Your story is worthy and matters as is too. It doesn't need extra anything to be called worthy of being told, heard, or cherished.

We know there is a perpetual pressure to do more to be more, in who you are and in your story. And we of K&Co. say: "no thanks, not here."

Join us in living and telling our stories from a place of being, not doing.

dear kindred friend,

lets do this.

You do not need to do more to be more.

You are worthy. Period. End of sentence. There isn’t an “I am worthy when… fill in the blank” caveat. The statement “I am worthy,” stands alone, and we’re here to remind you of this.

We’re right there with you in the struggle against the perpetual societal pressure to do more in order to be more. And while we may all know this, living it is 1000% different, right?

With this in mind, we created tools to help you fight back so that you can live from who you are, not from what you do. 

Did you just breathe a sigh of relief?

We did too.

Learn more about our 10% policy & the impact of being compassionate at K&Co.

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kindred & Co. friend, guest blog post, copy editor

"Perhaps best of all, we passed the (virtual) baton of encouragement around and took turns hoping on each other's behalf whenever any one of us found it difficult to have hope for herself."

charlene white

from the community

Easy question for you:

WHAT brought YOU joy LAST WEEK?

Now, are you ready to capture your year’s story?

Did you just open your planner or calendar to look back at your week? I did.

Planners are more than to-do lists or a book of accomplishments or empty pages. Planners tell a story of your year - the moments you reconnected with a friend, your growth through a hard week, the work-failures-turned-lessons, and the celebrations with smiles that made your cheeks hurt.

Kindred planners are designed to capture your story. Space to write the life's tasks, appointments, and goals. AND space to reflect on how those same "doing" things play a role into your greater story and who you are.

Told you it was more than a to-do list.

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Can I speak to your heart for a second, friend?

I see you. I see you searching to find your worth in all that you are doing. And while what you’re doing is important and meaningful, is it enough? To answer "is it worth it?", you may find yourself doing more, living at 120 MPH in hopes of making the connection between what you are doing and what you are worth.

As someone who has tried to find my worth while drowning in an ever growing list of tasks and accomplishments, let me give you the spoiler: the answer will not catch up to you. Because the answer is not found in doing more. 

The answer is found in knowing that you are enough as is, without your life’s resume.

Hear me when I say that doing is not bad. Counterintuitive, maybe, but you have dreams to chase. Goals you want to tackle. Life things you want (or have) to do. These are not bad. But if you and I are not careful, the doing can gradually become the thing. The thing(s) we find our worth in and the thing(s) we see as only important in our stories.

Enter Kindred & Co.: paper goods for your every day story - the little moments & big moments & all the in between.

one essential, please

Kindred Planner

be intentional

"This planner is so cute and has space for me to also do a mini-journal! It's becoming one of my essentials!"

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Be Still Journal

be still

"Everything was written with intentionality and care - answering the prompts feels like talking with a friend."

One hat, please

"be" Hat

be compassionate

"The cutest hat that goes with everything! And reminds me to just be."