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Phrases like “too busy” or “obsessed with money” or “absent” are probably not the top ones that come to mind. But they just might be the ones you’re living out right now, and the discomfort of that knowledge might just prompt the action you’ll need to change that. 

When you think about your life, what is the impact you want to have? What words or phrases do you want people to use when they talk about you?

We are no different. When we think about ourselves as a business and where we’ve started to where we are now, phrases like “we’ve done a lot,” “taking risks,” “figuring out who we are,” and “building a community” come to mind. The last two in particular are significant. As we’ve navigated figuring out who we are and what it looks like to build a community, we’ve realized that we’ve been missing a way to give back to our community and how essential that value is to who we are.

We want our existence to not just serve ourselves, but to serve others.

Hence, the 10%.

dear kindred friend,

Kindred & Co. is committing to give 10% of our “be compassionate” collection sales to nonprofits we are connected to.

Whether it be a connection through a Kindred & Co. community member or to in our local community or via a similar heart desire. We want to be giving back to the communities we are connected with.

be compassionate collection

why 10%?

In a Church setting, Christians and Jewish people are asked to give 10% of their income back to God as a practice of generosity and a posture of giving back to the earth what it has produced. The 10% comes from the word tithe which means “ten” in Hebrew. 

In a similar vein, we are choosing 10% as a reminder to practice generosity, be compassionate, and serve others with what we’ve been given in return.

which non-profits?

One of our values is connection. We want to cultivate connections and build relationships through our connections. Authentic, genuine relationships. The best way to do that is through connections we already have - whether it's through the K&Co. community, through Kindred & Co.’s local community, or through a mutual heart care area. 

With this in mind, we decided to pick three different non-profits each academic year (because there’s honestly way too many to pick just one) - one that focused care on women, one that was local to us (Boston), and one that was more global/national, but has a heart care we are also passionate about. These categories might overlap, but having them would give us rails to run off of and guide us in the picking process. 

If you work with and/or are passionate about a specific non-profit, let us know via our Contact page.

How does this affect you, K&Co. community?

When you shop our “be compassionate” collection, you’ll have the option to pick which non-profit you want your 10% to go towards! 

Come back to this page and watch the impact of your donation grow. 

A national nonprofit that had the smallest starting roots, but is having a huge impact on the justice system and the injustices people of color, children, those with mental disabilities, and those on death row are facing. If you want a book that challenges you and encourages you and brings you to tears all at the same time, read Just Mercy. This is not a political stance to be made, it's a book full of real and true stories of real and true people in the here and now. EJI is full of people wholeheartedly loving people, connecting with their stories, and seeking to call out their worth more and more. 

Equal Justice Initiative (EJI)

Learn more >

our 2021-2024 Nonprofits

A local to Boston and women's focused nonprofit taking the little hotel shampoos and soaps we totally think we'll use and turning them into care products for women experiencing homelessness in and around Boston. Oh, and beauty products, because we all know how much a dash of color can make you feel a little extra special. We love how TSC is bringing forth inner beauty by caring for women's exterior and the joy that comes with someone receiving a box of goodies.

Together She Can

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The Boston Project Ministries (fondly called BP) is near and dear to our founder as the founders of Boston Project are friends. The Boston Project heart is for the community - to bring and build upon existing beauty, to cultivate authentic connections and friendships, to pursue intentionality in the work they do, to do everything with a wholehearted and holistic mindset, and to pursue joy in the midst of everything. While they don’t use that exact language, in many ways the way they live out their mission aligns with the way we at Kindred & Co. desire to live out ours.

The Boston Project

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Check back here to see the impact you & the K&Co. community are having.