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Kindred & Co. 2024 Planner with reflection prompts and habit trackers

Kindred Planner

2024 Planner – Kindred & Co. Edition

September 4, 2023

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This will be the four rendition of the Kindred Planner and boy have things changed since the early versions. The early versions had perfect binding, which made them look more book like, but did not lay flat. The next 2020 planner version didn’t have a guide explaining some of the uniquely Kindred Planner pieces. Which then left planner users confused and planners unused. Not at all what we want.

We skipped the 2021 planner because pandemic, finances, personal life, etc. But then came back with a 2022 planner, internal guide included. Then came the 2023 planner and brand new cover colors. Gone were the soft pastel pinks of the 2019 and 2020 planners.

Now it’s time for our 2024 planner. While the core elements are remaining the same, we did make some changes we wanted to share with you. We’ll start with the biggest changes down to the smaller ones.

Ready? Let’s do this.

2024 Planner Update #1: Language within the Kindred Planner

As I made adjustments to the language of our business to be “paper goods for your every day story,” I wanted this to be reflected in our 2024 Planner. 

You may not immediately notice the changes, as they are subtle, so I want to point them out to you.

The new “Your Year’s Story” pages

These pages are now included at the end of your 2024 Kindred Planner to help you see themes across the entire year, as if your year was a story being written. 

What chapter of your life did you experience this year – was it one of triumph and celebration? Did this year have a theme of grief and sorrow, of releasing expectations and of painful growth? Was this year a story of all of the above and many in between mundane moments? What of this year’s theme helps point to things in your personal overall story of you? 

Whatever it is, the hope in having these pages is to help you see that there is a story being written across your year and the year is a chapter to your overall story too.

The monthly check-in questions upgraded

The monthly check-in pages are even more cohesive. I write all the check-in questions in one go, making sure there are no duplicates, they fit with a specific month, etc. However, this year, all the check-in questions are even more intertwined with one another and towards the greater arc of your story.

From January to February all the way to October and December, the questions help you reflect back into the month and look ahead to what your 2024 story is already unfolding to be. These questions will then build to the final “your year’s story” pages. Like the final “your year’s story” pages are meant to show you how a story is being written across your year, the monthly check-in pages are meant to show you how there’s an every day story being written too.

You are a human being not a human doing.

We have always been a business of reminding you your worth is as a human being, not a human doing. You will see this language more in our guide, questions, and prompts. My hope is that the language would not feel heavy handed, but rather be accountability for you as you seek to live out your story from a place of being, not doing.

2024 Planner Update #2: Cover size + cover colors

Some people loved the slightly larger size of the 2023 Planner covers. The larger pages protected the internal pages a little better. However, the larger pages did mean the cover corners had a little more damage than normal. 

To offset the balance of both of those extremes, the 2024 Planner covers are slightly larger than the internal pages, but not nearly as big of a difference as in the 2023 Planners.

And of course, we’ll have brand new cover colors this year. My housemates and photographer get an early peek at them because, well they live with me, model for me, and take my photos. One of them said, “I’m going to have to get on it for the ___ color because I missed out last year and I’m not letting that happen again.” Predictions have already been made about which will be the color this year. 

2024 Planner Update #3: Monthly notes pages

I like to think our planners have a lot of notes pages. Now that number is even higher. Sometimes it can be cumbersome to flip from the back notes section to whatever month you’re in. Small minor detail, but can be annoying.

So this 2024 Kindred Planner will have monthly notes pages in the same spread as to your tracker pages. Now you have even more space for monthly notes and/or space to jot down things as you fill out your habit/rhythm tracker throughout the month!

2024 Planner Update #4: Sticker upgrade

Not only are there monthly tab stickers (slightly thinner this year so to not overwhelm your planner), but we’ve included a special few other stickers:

  • “Notes” tab sticker so you can mark in your planner where those back notes pages start.
  • “2024” tab sticker to easily flip to the year overview in your 2024 Kindred Planner.
  • Blank tab stickers for any other parts of your planner you want to flip easily too. Personally I recommend tabbing your “word of the year” so you can hold this as a reminder as you live out each day.
  • Blank banner stickers for any parts of your planner you want to section off with more pizazz (aka a gold banner sticker).

2024 Planner Addition: Bonus feature(s)

I’m calling this an addition rather than an update because we’re not updating these extra items. These are brand new bonus items coming with the 2024 Kindred Planner. One of which was a request by a planner user and now a reality (hence why your feedback is invaluable). And the other was a spur of the moment idea that I really love and fits perfectly with the aforementioned user’s idea. The latter will be a “as supplies last” kind of situation. 

I’m not ready to share exactly what those bonus features are, but know they exist and are good.

Save the 2024 Kindred Planner Launch Date: October 11th

That’s it friends! I’m excited for October 11th! For all the launch sneak peeks and perks, join our special launch email list here.

Which update are you most excited about?

With joy & gratitude,


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