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2023 Holiday Gift Guide – Ethical + Sustainable

November 14, 2023

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What does gifting well and good in the 2023 holiday season look like?

Or another way to ask is: how do I gift in such a way that does good for both the loved ones I’m shopping for and good for the planet?

Good for loved ones meaning that the gifts I’m buying are thoughtful and will hold significance to the recipient.

Good for the planet in that how I gift and from whom I shop will be sustainable for the planet and be ethical in it’s care for the world.

Introducing our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide and our take on gifting good – for both your loved ones and for the planet and our world.

Inside the ethical + sustainable gift guide

Inside our guide is a list of 10 (woman owned) small businesses who have items that your loved ones will love – from candles to jewelry to tea to books to read (as in new releases).

Plus, each small business has listed out how they do “good” for the planet and the world, giving us a behind the scenes look at a small businesses perspective on how passion meets purpose.

Prompt reflection space

We have also included a prompt with accompanying reflection space to help you start your gifting on the right foot. A prompt to make your list of who you’re gifting to this year, what you’re gifting them, and where you can gift from. With the added challenge of thinking of small businesses you can shop from, who hold ethical + sustainable practices, as opposed to just any business that exists.

Bonus, our guide is interactive so you can type directly into our guide and have your list easily readable and accessible. Win, win, win.

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As always, I never want someone to walk away from our guide feeling they have to buy something to support. No small business owner I’ve met ever wants someone to purchase out of obligation, but only because they desire to. With that being said, there are numerous ways to support small businesses without having to purchase. I’ve included a list of ways to do so at the end of the guide. These ideas are suggested by small business owners themselves, so you know they’re good.

Click the below link to get your gift guide! Use the image above/below to share our guide with others. Others you think would love to read about these businesses and gift well and good.


Below is a list of all the small businesses included this year below for ease – business name | website | Instagram handle.

27teas | 27teas.com/ | @27teas

Earthside Candles | earthsidecandles.com/ | @earthsidecandleco

Frootful | byshaneez.com/wthm | @FrootfulCo (company) | @byshaneez (author)

Hopefolio | hopefolio.com/ | @photohope

Kindred & Co. | etsy.com/shop/KindredandCoBoutique | @kindred.and.co

London Crafted | londoncrafted.com | @londoncrafted

Narrative Forth | www.narrativeforth.com | @narrativeforth

Poiema Home Co. | poiemahomeco.com | @poiemahomeco

Taylor & Jessie | taylorandjessie.com | @taylorandjessie.co

2023 Holiday Gift Guide, Ethical Gift Guide, Sustainable Gift Guide, Woman owned small businesses, Holiday Gift Guide, Christmas Gift Guide, Small Business Saturday Guide

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