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dear kindred friend,

Meet your paper besties for living as a human being.
Not as a human doing.

Paper besties, here i come.

hand lettered cards

it's here!

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Hand lettered place cards for that extra touch of joy + beauty at life's special events. 

Because in our life stories, the little things matter too.

I’m looking like a bobblehead over here. 

Let me be clear: it’s great to dream big dreams and pursue wholeheartedly after them.
But there is the danger of being so caught up in them that your successes or failures at these goals become the defining characteristics of who you are and your story. 

But how do you stop this kind of thinking when life necessitates doing and you have big beautiful dreams to pursue?

You could read a self-help book or take a yoga class to become more grounded. You could just tell yourself to do better tomorrow. All of these options are fine, but there’s an even simpler solution. And all it takes is a slight adjustment to the current rhythms you already have in place.

 We’ve taken your everyday paper goods - your planner, your journal, your calendar, your meal planners - and transformed them into every day tools to integrate what you do with who you are, and to capture your story being written. 

nod your head with me, if you've ever been caught up in the mindset of:

“If I could just ___(insert job promotion, life accomplishment, relationship status, etc.)___, then I will have done it and I will be worthy.”

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Broken down into categories based on what practice each product is meant to instill in you, our products are designed to bring breath into the week, joy in the mundane, perspective to see the life stuff as helping to mold us into who we are becoming, and intentionality and discipline into all areas of our lives.

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