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Announcing….the Be Still Journal!

August 24, 2020

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dear kindred friend,

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Dear kindred friends,

We are so very excited to announce that we have our first journal coming to the Kindred & Co. shop starting in September 2020! *squeals of excitement*

This is something you have been asking for, others outside the Kindred & Co. community have asked for, and other brands and companies have suggested we look into. So how could we deny all those three things?

To be honest, we were intimidated. I wasn’t sure how to create a journal. A planner seemed easier to me. A journal required more thought, prayer, and wisdom than I had in me. A journal felt sacred and so special and unique to each person’s journey that I wasn’t sure how to venture into that space.

Plus there were so many journals in the world, we did not feel like we wanted to add more to what seemed like an already saturated space.

However, the idea still lingered over our minds and hearts and we just couldn’t shake it. We felt we owed it to this community and ourselves to see what would happen if we stepped into pursuing a journal. And once we started drawing the ideas and vision of it, it came to life.

The “be still” journal is based off of the ‘be still” section of the Kindred Planner , but expanded. We realize that sometimes during our weeks, there’s still a need for more space and room to reflect and process what is internally going on in our heads and hearts. Sometimes there’s a really good sermon or retreat we’re a part of and we just don’t want to use up all our be still space or notes for that. Sometimes we needed something that helped us separate even more who we are and what we do. So in stepped the be still journal.

it has a front section with guided prompts that help us be still, reflect, and slow down to think about how we are doing internally. The guided prompts range from “Closing our tabs” to reflecting on quotes to asking us what is going on in our lives.

And then there’s a lot of open empty space to just write. To let our thoughts flow freely and emotions be laid bare. There’s room for us to reflect and continue our writing from a prompt or to just pour our hearts out. There’s room to take nots on a reatreat or sermon, or room to ponder life’s hard questions. There’s room and space to be still.

Our hope with the journal is that it would supplement and come alongside you in your life as you build a new rhythm this fall. The journal would be a space and reminder that it’s okay to not be moving at 100 MPH and it’s okay to slow down. Rather it’s more than okay, but it’s necessary. Because in the spaces where we are still, we are reminded of who we are. We are reminded that our identity is not found in how much we do, our accomplishments or lack thereof, but rather in who we are as – worthy as is, loved as is, cared for as is, seen as is, kind, gentle, patient, present. We are reminded to be grateful and to be present in each moment. We are reminded to live life wholeheartedly, to find joy, to discover beauty, and to be connected. We are reminded to be still.

This is our hope and prayer for you as you pick up the be still journal. May it encourage your heart and soul and be a refuge of safety and quiet amidst life’s busy and chaos. May it remind you that who you are is abundantly more important than what you do.

PS: Some photos for you to enjoy below (more to come). This post will be updated with photos as they become available!

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