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[be]ing prepared for 2020

December 30, 2019

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This is a blog post taken from our founder, Valerie Pierce’s, personal blog about being prepared for the upcoming 2020 year and how she considers setting goals and dreams not just in the tangible accomplishments, but also the less tangible of the characters of our being.

”Happy New Year! Hello 2020!

Now that we’ve celebrated Christmas and 2019, it’s time to look ahead to 2020.

I love the beginnings of a new year. It brings with it so much excitement and anticipation for the year to come. It brings to mind all the fresh starts and the fresh energy we feel towards starting out on new endeavors, goal setting and big dreams. I know at the beginning of a year, I feel as if I could accomplish anything and am filled with confidence that by the end of the new year, I’ll have seen my list of goals and dreams fulfilled. Sometimes (read: most often) I even preemptively visualize these goals and dreams as actualized, despite only having just thought of them. Anyone else? 

Dreaming big dreams, coming up with goals, and new endeavors are not bad. I think that’s what the new year is all about. But just coming up with them isn’t going to mean we see them through to the end. I think we all know this and have experienced this for ourselves. 

There’s a little more involved. A little bit more preparation, motivation, inspiration, and boldness. 

I’ve previously written on how I organize myself in preparation for the upcoming year, how do I set my rhythms, maintain my calendar, think through my planner, and etc. The same principles can be applied for taking our beginning dreams to the end of being actualized. The same principles are the little bit of preparation, motivation, inspiration, and boldness needed. 

  1. What is the big picture? This is where you dream big. Fight to dream bigger than your current reality and the boundaries set in place. Dream big plans beyond what you know realistically can happen this year. Dream through your intuition, gut feelings, and the ways you’ve been gifted. This might seem ridiculous and a waste of time, but this is also how Kindred & Co came to be, so there’s evidence that dreaming big does work. 

  2. What smaller end-of-the-year goals will help you move to the big picture dream? You’ve dreamt the big dream, and it’s maybe not accomplishable within the year and that’s okay. What are a few goals you can work towards accomplishing this year that will help you move towards your bigger dream? Maybe it’s unrealistic for you to run a marathon by the end of the year, but maybe you set a goal to run a 5K every quarter, or even a 10K. Maybe it’s not possible to have built a business by the end of the year (maybe it is), but what about setting a goal to finish a business class by the end of the year? 

  3. What rhythms do you need in place for these goals? We’re getting smaller and smaller here. You’ve set your year goals, so what are the rhythms, habits, and/or monthly goals you need in place to help accomplish the year goals to move you towards the bigger picture? Maybe it’s asking a friend to run with you weekly or carving out time in your week to take a business class. If you’re using the Kindred Planner, the tracker page has been immensely helpful in helping keep me on track and aware of the rhythms I want to be true of my month and therefore year. 

  4. Take a moment to breathe. Reflect on everything you’ve written and celebrate the preparation and goals you’ve written! Reflect on how you’re going to keep yourself motivated and inspired this year. The check in questions of a Kindred Planner are certainly helpful, but maybe consider inviting someone into these goals and dreams to help keep you on track and encouraged.

This year, I’m not only writing out the goals and dreams of the more tangible, but goals and dreams of who I am. It’s so easy to slip into focusing solely on the things we can list on a resume. But what about the things not as tangible, but more important, things related to our character and who we are, our being? 

How can I work on being more grateful, patient, joyful, and intentional this year? What goals do I need to set for myself to take steps in this direction? Maybe it’s doing a month of gratitude challenge every couple months. Maybe it’s spending time in stillness and rest each week, unplugged from everything. 

As we look at our year ahead of us and the anticipation of the newness mounts, let’s be mindful of not just how we’re preparing for the year, but also the kinds of goals and dreams we set for ourselves. “

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