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December 2019 Celebrate and Check In

December 28, 2019

Our blog exists to shower you with encouragement, exciting news, and reasons to celebrate.

dear kindred friend,

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Part of Kindred & Co’s dream for the business is to not only create and provide tools for individuals to grow in living lives of wholehearted intention and abundant joy, but to create a community of women who embody and encourage one another in these postures.

One of the best ways to begin creating a culture and environment where this type of encouraging community can develop is through sharing in the celebrations, challenges, joys, and lessons of the month. At the end of each month in the Kindred Planner are check-in questions and sharing these with one another gives space where words of encouragement can be given. Encouragement in affirming someone in the bold steps they’ve taken or the rest they strived for. Encouragement in challenging someone to take even bolder steps next month or to challenge themselves even further with the habit they’re intentionally tracking. 

So each month, we are going to share our end of the month reflections here on the blog, either as Kindred & Co or more personally from our founder. We invite you to comment, share and encourage one another in the comments below. 

December Celebrate: 

Kindred & Co is celebrating…

  • launching on October 27th, 2019!!

  • selling nearly 100 Kindred Planners (academic and annual)!

  • friends and family cheerleaders.

  • the Kindred & Co community – from the early stagers to the newly added.

  • missteps in calculations, production numbers, and everything in between.

  • unrealized and nonactualized marketing ideas. 

  • the release of a Holiday Gift Guide that celebrated other small businesses.

December Check In:

As we reflect back on our 2019 goals, struggles, rhythms…

  • We realize that maybe some of our 2019 goals were a bit ambitious and so we fell short of them.

  • On the other hand, some of our goals were not big enough and that’s exciting to consider for 2020. 

  • Some of our goals weren’t SMART enough so it’s even hard to tell if these goals were realized, actualized, or missed. Whoops. 

  • Creating a consistent weekly rhythm in the schedule is super helpful, but also doesn’t need to be too rigid as there may need to be adjustments during different seasons of the business year. 

  • We succeeded in creating a semblance of community within the business, but we think we can do better next year

Did you catch the two bolded items above?

We are immensely grateful for YOU, our Kindred & Co community. Grateful for the excitement, joy, and support you’ve displayed. Whether you were in the know from before the name was even landed on to joining in this Christmas, we are grateful for you. 

With this full grateful heart, we are looking forward to being more present with you next year. We are looking forward to improving on the planners and tools we’ve already provided to better capture the mission of this business. We are looking forward to the ways we can serve this community more fully and intentionally. We are so excited for 2020. 

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