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February 14, 2024

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Kindred & Co. is launching a custom product to our shop – hand lettered place cards! And I am so excited about this new addition!

But first, a story.

Custom wedding place cards, hand lettered name cards, 2024 Planner, intentional planners, habit tracker

Once upon a day in graduate school, my professor reviewed my team’s evaluation plan (handwritten by yours truly). While he definitely wasn’t a fan of our plan (oops), he did say “whoever wrote this should have ‘handwriting’ on their resume. And I’m not kidding.” 

I probably jokingly laughed at him, because in what technology driven world would my handwriting be of any benefit.

Well, Professor Wolfe (yes, like the animal), I’m taking back those words as I formally turn my handwriting into something revenue driving. Maybe not in the way you thought it might, but still. Isn’t the point of a resume to drive revenue anyways?

To the right: peep the first editions of the Kindred Planner and the handwriting that is resume worthy.

So here it is, introducing for the first time ever, Kindred & Co.’s custom hand lettered cards!

Custom wedding place cards, hand lettered name cards, place cards with ribbon, deckled white paper name cards

Custom handwritten and hand lettered place and name cards for the special events in your life. Not only for weddings, but also anniversary celebrations, baby showers, and anything you can envision wanting a special touch like this for. 

This has been a daydream I’ve been itching to pursue for a while, but my imposter syndrome always got the best of me. She was awfully good at telling me I wasn’t professionally trained. I wasn’t consistent enough. I couldn’t hold up to the other shops and calligraphers who are already doing this.

Maybe the last one has some truth, but I’m going for it anyway. Cheers to telling the imposter syndromes in our lives to sit this one out. 

Let’s talk about the why.

Beyond the story and the purpose and the details of this new launch, there’s a why. My why comes in two fold.

First, I have the experience.

Custom wedding place cards, hand lettered name cards, place cards with ribbon, deckled white paper name cards

I’ve had the privilege of hand lettering a few friends’ wedding place cards over the years. The anxiety that came with them trusting me to produce something akin to their Pinterest boards was intimidating. But when I was in the zone, it was met with delight. Getting to write out each guest’s name, imagine the celebration that was coming with, I could already feel like I was part of their wedding day. It was a joy. 

Never mind how noteworthy or picture worthy the end product was (which I was told they were), it was an opportunity to bring joy and beauty in a physical tangible “take home” way. For both the bride and groom, and also their guests as well.

Second, doing it for the enjoyment.

Custom wedding place cards, hand lettered name cards, place cards with ribbon, deckled white paper name cards

Beyond just being “good at it,” hand lettering is something I genuinely enjoy doing. In the small business world, I’ve learned that there are some aspects you just have to grind through, at least in the early stages. Adding the custom hand lettered place cards to my inventory and my business allows me to create beauty and joy in a way that also brings delight to my role as a small business owner. In a time when I’m experiencing more of the staleness of the business, this is an opportunity for me to invite refresh. 

As I’ve reflected on what I envision the business being about in 2024, I’m focusing less on the loud changes and big announcements and big _____. Rather I’m leaning into the intentional touches and finer details that may be overlooked, but without which leave a business without its personality. We’re leaning into the mantra of “the little things matter.” And I don’t know a better way to capture that then in these custom hand lettered place cards. 

Would you help me?

If you know of someone getting married, would you share this with them? Either this post itself or the shop listing? It would mean so much! 

With joy & gratitude,


Custom wedding place cards, hand lettered name cards, place cards with ribbon, deckled white paper name cards available to order

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