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K&Co. Story: Amber Robinson

August 14, 2021

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I think a lot. My brain is often a jumbled mess. It’s filled with reenactments of earlier moments in the day; deep analyses of said moments; and a never-ending train of “what ifs”. When I was in college a dear friend purchased me a beautiful threaded journal with a red spine. With it, came her gentle nudge— the nudge that would push me to journal— to write down my analytical, often embarrassing, sometimes preposterous thoughts on paper. I’ve lost track of how many journals I’ve gone through since that first one, but I have been able to track my spiritual growth, life lessons, highs and lows over the last 7 years, and it has been a blessing to be able to recall and reread the vivid details of my life as time passes by, which is why I jumped to purchase Kindred & Co.’s “Be Still” journal.

When I saw the thoughtful design, well-crafted layout and blank space, I just knew this journal would lead me into even deeper reflections, while also giving me the creative space to let my mind run free. And free it did as I wrote poems on the blank spaces— some that I would share with the world as I vulnerably wrote about my anger and process towards healing and others that would remain private, sacred— as they were written during my dark nights of the soul. The prompts have filled me with gratitude and delight; they’ve pushed me to rejoice in the little things and to confront my insecurities and weaknesses in order to accept peace.

I look forward to the days in the future, when I’ll look back on these pages that I’ve filled with laughter, smiles and tears as I reflect on the journey this journal has directed me through.

PS: Shop the Be Still journal Amber is referencing here.

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