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Kindred & Co.’s Baby Break

December 21, 2020

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Did you know that there is going to be a new addition to the Kindred & Co. family in a month’s time?!

*Excited squeals*

I am feeling a range of emotions as the time counts down and we begin to baby-proof the home, set up new boundaries, create new rhythms and expectations, and spend our last few days as just a family of two. There’s a lot of uncertainty with the upcoming unknown, a little anxiety (the controlling person in me can’t help it), and etc. But there’s also a lot of excitement at getting to meet her soon! After the months of feeling her move, praying over her, and trying to settle on a name (nope, still haven’t picked one), I just want to meet her.

With the big change coming, and with Kindred & Co. a mostly one-woman show (albeit there is a lot of support and help beyond myself), there will be some necessary changes to ensure healthy boundaries for myself and family, and that the business continues to operate smoothly!

All of these will be quick and laid out in the Maternity-leave specific section of the FAQ page, so if you prefer that, you can head there now. However, I have also laid out a little more the thoughts behind each decision here, as well as overall expectations you can have from me/Kindred & Co.

Babies are pretty unpredictable. While her due date is January 21st, there is a very good chance she could come earlier or later than that. I am planning (with open hands) to start maternity leave on January 20th and be virtually offline through February (February 28th), with some exceptions as listed below.

However, I am not considered to be fully back until mid-April (around April 20th).

Please note: the shop will be closed from Jan. 20th to Jan. 31st and orders placed during this time will not be fulfilled until Feb. 1st. Following Feb. 1st, the below will take place.

Orders (Etsy/Fulfillment/Shipping/etc.)
The shop will be closed from Jan. 20th to Jan. 31st and orders placed during this time will not be fulfilled until Feb. 1st. Following Feb. 1st, the below will take place.

Like I mentioned, I have some great support systems around me and this little one and so will still be able to fulfill orders, even during the baby break! However, the fulfillment and shipping times will be significantly reduced. Orders will be fulfilled over the weekend and shipped out on Monday mornings. For example, an order is placed on Tuesday or Friday, will get shipped on Monday morning. An order placed Monday evening will not be shipped until the following Monday morning.

This will give my support systems and myself plenty of time to get everything set for you and not overwhelm ourselves with all the other life things they (and myself) will be juggling too.

However, our Etsy shop will temporarily be put on pause/closed from Jan. 15th to Apr. 20th to better streamline the different avenues for which orders are placed.

Communication (Emails/IG DMs)
During the first two weeks of this little one’s life, I do not expect I’ll have much brain space to respond to emails or Instagram Direct Messages (IG DMs). However, there will be a 72 hour turnaround time on all emails sent during the business week (Monday to Friday), depending on the urgency of the email. Emails received outside of business hours, will be pushed to the following business day.

If you have a concern about an order you placed that requires a more immediate response, please send an email with “URGENT” in the subject line, and in the body of your email include: your name, your order number, order details, and the email with which you placed the order. We/I will prioritize any urgent order requests.

I will not respond to IG DMs regarding orders. Any IG DMs I receive about orders, I’ll ask you to send an email for, and unless urgent, will follow a 72 hour turnaround time.

Customer Service
As always, you are welcome to reach out to us/me via email and we’ll address any concerns you may have. Just know our response time will be slower. For details on our return policy, please click here. If you are unsatisfied with a product for whatever reason, we would invite you to complete our “Product Dissatisfaction Form” so we can better understand what didn’t work.

If you are loving your Kindred & Co. product, we are so pleased! We would invite you to consider sharing your story (aka a review) with us via this link or completing our customer survey here.

Content (IG/Blog/Kindred Letters)
We will still be sharing Instagram content throughout! Again, thanks to great support systems!

Our blog will be temporarily paused until I completely return from maternity leave, which will be in mid-April. The exception will be to introduce this little girl to you all!

Kindred Letters will be moving to a monthly system through April. They will consist of things to know, happenings in the business, and any shop highlights. Of course, I’ll have one dedicated to this little baby, so if you’re all about baby cuteness, be sure you’re subscribed! You can subscribe here.

Overall Expectations
My hope would be to be able to spend some valuable time away from the business to acquaint and bond with my little one and adjust to being a family of three. However, to not lose touch on the pulse of the business as the new year begins and as you begin to set sights on what 2021 has in store for you, dreaming your own big dreams and navigating the ways you have been created to be.

I aspire and have always had great ambitions for my capacity, even when it’s wrong. So while I set these expectations to be present in one sphere, and then slowly in both, I ask for grace and patience. And thank you for the understanding and support you have already and will continue to give, as I know this community to be capable of.

With great joy & gratitude,

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  1. Ying says:

    Can’t wait to meet your little one. Very inspired by the way you are prioritizing your family and listing out clear expectations.

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