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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

November 16, 2020

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Hello kindred friend!

I know this year has probably looked nothing like you envisioned it to be. I know I walked into 2020 with incredible confidence that this would be the year. Of what, I’m not entirely sure, but I was ready to conquer it all the same.

Come November 2020, I’m not entirely sure what conquering 2020 looks like for anyone, but we’re still standing and that definitely counts for something.

While the year was difficult, I would dare 2020 and COVID and anything else to try and change the spirit of the holiday season. There are definitely changes needed – smaller gatherings, more snail mail (my fave), an acknowledgement of the challenges and losses of the year, etc. But there is still joy.

With that, I’m so excited to share with you our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! Themed “Gifting with joy & intention.”

You can expect to find:
– The story behind our theme (we don’t choose willy nilly)
– A few of our favorite shops and small business owners!
– A couple of YOUR favorite shops and small business owners
– New product alert from Kindred & Co. (YAY)
– Ways to support small businesses without spending anything

We know that 2020 was also hard financially and never want you to feel you have to shop and buy in order to support small, there are so many ways you can support small without spending money and hope you would be encouraged to do so as well!

All small businesses listed in the gift guide are linked in the guide and also linked below.

Happy gifting!




C&C Holistic Living: http://www.candcholisticliving.com/ || @ccholisticliving
CampKit Co: www.campkit.co/ || @campkitco
kNICHE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KNICHEgoods || @knichegoods
Lettie and Row: www.lettieandrow.com || @lettieandrow
Life as Paper: https://www.lifeaspaper.com || @lifeaspaper
Marissa Wu: http://marissamwu.com/ || mwartenterprises.etsy.com || @mllemarissa
Narrative Forth: www.narrativeforth.com || @narrativeforth
Ruby Stripe: rubystripe.etsy.com || @rubystripe

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