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Intentional Focus February 2020

February 1, 2020

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Hello February and hello month of intentionality! If you’ve been keeping up with our emails (link here to sign up) and hanging out with us on social media, you’ll know this month is the month of intentionality. 

We dreamed for 2020 and we set our goals for the year. Some of us might already be making great headway on both of them and feeling pretty accomplished. Some of us might realize that we’ve yet to write our goals for the 2020 year, and with how quickly January has gone by, we totally get that. And then the rest of us fall somewhere in between. 

Regardless of where we’re at, we know that at some point the goals we’ve written and the headway we’ve made will start to plateau and maybe even drop. To see goals and dreams come to fruition for the entire year takes us being intentional, and sometimes doing that on your own is pretty hard.

So we’ve decided to dedicate the month of February to practicing being intentional. We originally called it a challenge because sometimes that’s extra motivating (especially for the competitive souls out there). But it seemed a little too much for something that we just want to be a focus for February that will translate into a practice for the rest of the year. Consider this an official rename of “Intentional February Challenge” to “Intentional Focus February.” 

We want to focus on being intentional this month because we want you to be able to start off 2020 on a strong foot. To have the skills, mindset and confidence early enough in 2020 so when July comes around and you’re struggling to be intentional, you can look back onto February and be reminded you do have the confidence and rhythm of intentionality for July and beyond. We’re doing this by sharing with you the four goals and thereby practices we are working towards this year. Goals of rest, clean eating, reading and physical health. We’ll share why they’re our goals and some tips, ideas, and resources for you if these are yours as well. 

We’re  doing this as a community because being intentional on your own can be hard and we need the accountability and support from others around us working on similar ideas and goals to help encourage us forward. 

We hope you’ll join us in sharing with us how you’re practicing intentionality this month and the goals you’ve set for 2020. Looking forward to how this month of intentional focus transforms and sets a foundation for 2020.

UPDATE TO POST (2/25): goals we’ve shared so far – rest, clean eating (Whole30), reading, and physical health!

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