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January 30, 2020

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Back in December, as we were preparing for the IF:Gathering in February, we realized our inventory for the Annual 2020 Kindred Planner was going to run pretty low by the time February 7th came around. We also realized that the Annual Kindred Planner would be missing the month of January for our February IF:Gathering audience. While a good portion of us might still be okay with buying a planner with a missing month, we didn’t want to only have this to offer.

So we came up with a couple other planners to bring with us to Dallas – a completely revamped Academic Kindred Planner (for the 2020-2021 year) and the brand new Simple Kindred Planner (affectionately called the Renée)!


The 2020-2021 Academic Kindred Planner looks the same internally as the previous 2019-2020 Academic Kindred Planner except it has a fun new cover and an upgraded gold-ish wire-o binding. We decided to bring this with us in February because there are some of us that are super planners and are already considering what planners they might use for the next year. If you’re an academic planner user, you’re technically already halfway through your planner, so this makes sense!

The Simple Planner is a brand new creation that we are in love with. The idea came out of feedback and conversations with members of the Kindred & Co community about what they loved about their planners but also what was maybe missing for them. We collaborated with a few others (including our sweet friend Renée) and came up with something that fit the needs of these members, something..simpler.

Here are the two differences (photos at the bottom):

1) It’s project based. We heard our friends who rely pretty heavily on phone calendars for their day to day so what they really needed was space to jot down the weekly projects and tasks. So we did that. We squished our weekly spread into one page leaving the facing page to be one huge space to work out ideas, projects, and tasks.

2) There are no pre-filled dates. What? Yes, you heard right. We did not put in any dates in the planner. Every month is blank and every week is blank. This allows users to fill in the dates of the planner as they are using it. We know sometimes a week or two can go by without you picking up your planner (ie vacation or sick days) and rather than missing out on these blank pages, every page can be utilized. This means no more blank pages (which is environmentally friendly) and maximal use of a planner (which is economically friendly). A win for everyone involved. Oh did we mention that because of the extra work y’all have to do to add the dates, its cost is only $30?

Everything else about the Kindred Planner we’ve left the same in the Simple Kindred Planner. We still have all our prep pages for the year (be motivated, be prepared, etc.), check-in pages for the end of each month (we guesstimated where months would likely end), focus spaces and be still spaces for each week, and etc. These are the characteristics of the Kindred Planner, helping us be and not do, so we wanted to make sure those elements weren’t lost.

We’re bringing these beauties and releasing them for the first time at the IF:Gathering in a week and then we’ll be bringing them online for all of us. We’re super excited for these new releases and hope you’ll join us in our excitement! Thanks for being on the journey with us! Let us know what you think! 🙂

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