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Kindred Planner – Gratitude Challenge 2019

November 9, 2019

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From our founder:

At the beginning of this month, I turned the last page of October, expecting to see the November month spread, but instead saw the reflection page. To be honest, despite having designed the Kindred Planner, I still forget there’s reflection built into each month. So it was slightly disorienting to turn the last page of October to find a blank page with a prompt asking me “How was I really doing?”

Initially, I was slightly perturbed to have my working train of thought be interrupted by reflection, “I was in the zone and didn’t want to be stopped; I’d have time for that later.” Knowing full well that my “later” might really mean “never.” But after the initial disturbance, I found myself appreciating the pause. It forced me to take a step back, appreciate and reflect on everything that happened in October, whatever challenges were overcome, the celebrations had, and the burdens I might still be carrying with me. The pause forced me to take a moment and breathe before heading into November. 

While I looked over the long list I had written for what happened and how I felt about October, I decided I wanted to be more intentional during November. I didn’t want to go through the month with my head down, running from one thing to the next, and coming to the end of the month with “what just happened?” This isn’t the point of the Kindred Planner nor of life. Life is meant to be lived with joy, fullness and richness, and if I’m living with my head down and without pause, then I’m missing something. 

As I’ve thought about ways that would best help me be intentional in taking pause during November, and considering Thanksgiving is so close(!), I’ve decided to take on a month of gratitude. Nothing wild or would steer too much out of an already established daily rhythm (because that would be unsustainable), but a simple clear daily goal to help remind me to be grateful. So I’m committing to write 5 things I am grateful for every day, doing my best not to repeat. At the end of this month (understanding, this is starting a smidgen late), that would be 100 things I am grateful for. 

And I want to invite you to do this challenge with me! Being grateful isn’t just a posture we need only take on at Thanksgiving surrounded by family, but really can be a posture we choose daily to remind us of the blessings and gifts we have in our lives. Would you do this with me? 

I’ll be sharing my list throughout the month with the hashtag #gratefulkindredplanner and although I’ve already created my three trackers for the month, I’ll be tracking my gratitude on a separate tracker page. If you already filled up your trackers for the month, hop on over here to download a free sample tracker page. 

Excited to see how this month of gratitude will shift perspective and help us find more joy in this season of life! 

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