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Annual (2020) Kindred Planner Updates!

October 22, 2019

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It is with great excitement, Kindred & Co is sharing with you the fall photos we took of the Annual (2020) Kindred Planner in Vermont and all the updates we’ve made! 

The first and biggest update we made was changing the binding from what is called “perfect binding” to “wire-o binding.” We tend not to be huge fans of spiral binding as it can easily snag on other things as we pull things in and out of our bags, but wire-o binding is less likely to snag with the way the coil wraps around the paper. Win! 

The biggest reason for why we switched binding was while we loved the clean look of the perfect binding and how it sat beautifully flush against other books, it couldn’t really lie flat while open. Which makes it problematic for ease of reference while working on a laptop or when writing or reflecting in it and needing the second hand free. 

So we made this update and now the planner lies flat! 


Our second big update was the cover. We loved the simple elegance of a white cover. It leaves room for the imagination and for creativity to thrive. However, we felt it could use a little more pizazz, without straying too far from simple elegance. So, we added some color from our branding and labeled the planner with our year and font. It still has a simple elegance with a little extra beauty. 


The third update was we adjusted the paper weight of the cover to be a smidgen thicker and therefore a little more durable. We didn’t mind the paper weight of the original planner, but wanted a little more sturdiness and durability for the constant pulling in/out of bags.

All the other updates we’ve made our pretty minor – adjusting the spacing on some pages, adjusting the weight of lines and the fonts, spelling checks and grammar updates. If you catch these changes, good for you, but we didn’t think they were significant enough to warrant writing them out here for you 🙂 

So there you have it! All the updates for the Annual (2020) Kindred Planner! 

These beauties, by the way, are still available for pre-order and will be available for purchase following our Launch Party on Oct 27th! You can RSVP for the launch party here and pre-order/order your Annual (2020) Kindred Planner here!

PS: if you ordered an academic planner and want the updates of this planner, let us know at hello@kindredandco.net, or be on the lookout for an email specifically for you all, coming at the end of the week. 🙂

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