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Monthly Check-In Reflection – February 2020

February 29, 2020

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From our founder:

“If I’m honest with you all, I don’t remember the questions I write at the end of each month. With every last week page turn, the questions are just as much of a surprise for me as they may be for you (unless you like to skim ahead, then maybe it’s not for you). 

So it’s a little ironic that these were the questions waiting at the end of February, given this month has been focused on being intentional with the goals and habits we’re working towards:

How are you feeling about the goals you have set for yourself? Do you feel you are on track to accomplish them this year? 

Since y’all have been watching some of these goals unfold, I’ll give a quick rundown of those and then do a deeper dive into a couple others that have been less visible. 

Rest: For the most part, I have been able to carve out 24 hours of Sabbath and rest each week, which is big and awesome. I would love to get better at how I use that restful time. Right now, it’s been a bit of a collapse into the couch or onto the floor staring at nothingness or a screen. Even in my Sabbath and rest, I would like to be more intentional with how I’m letting myself recharge and be restored in those 24 hours. 

Clean Eating: Whole30 round something has actually been pretty easy so far, probably the easiest it has ever been. We’re only halfway through, but we’ve tried new recipes which have helped, the meal prep portion hasn’t been too out of our capability or schedule, and the cravings aren’t as awful. I will definitely need to set up some guidelines before the Whole30 ends however so I don’t slip into old habits. 

Reading: I finished the book “Educated” by Tara Westover last week and it was really good. Hard, but good; I would recommend it. I’ve started my next book, but I realized this morning the next series of books are all non-fiction, thinking books. Which isn’t bad, but I think I’ll need something a little lighter to balance out the non-fiction as well. Reading a thinking book at night doesn’t always bode well for staying awake and reading, or feeling rested before sleep. 

Physical Health: Still figuring out a rhythm. The weather is actually getting warmer so the possibility of running outside is there, I just have to physically move my body outside. I’ve enjoyed the ClassPass classes I’ve attended and tried a couple new ones that I liked as well. 

Now for that deeper dive into some of my other goals for this year. As a caveat, while I do consider them goals for 2020, I know that these are going to be goals I’m going to be working towards for maybe the rest of my life. They’re not really goals that have a very concrete “you’ve made it” end to them, and that’s okay. I’m not sure I ever want to get to a point where I feel like “I’ve made it” as that takes away from the posture of a learner:  

  1. Developing and growing in my understanding and application of cultural competency. 

  2. Practicing being bold, trusting and praying for big things, and saying yes to the big things. 

To the first goal, there is a lot of ambiguity to it and that’s intentional because cultural competency is a broad term with many facets to it, each of which I want to be growing in. Also, because culture is fluid and changes with time, I want the goal to be relevant in the various seasons of life I will be in. However, it’s important for goals to be specific, so the specific aspect I’m working on this year is growing in my personal understanding of my own Asian American heritage and how it influences/influenced my beliefs, values, rhythms, perspectives, etc. I want to be better able to articulate myself for myself sake, but also for my husben, any future children, our families, friends, and the world. But it has to start with me. 

To the second goal, practicing boldness and courage is something that has been and still is challenging. I love the comfort and security of staying within my bubble, of what is familiar and what is known. But sometimes I love it to the point I’m willing to forego opportunities to try new and exciting things, explore other passions or gifts, grow in talents or desired skills, or to trust that while the journey might be tough, the end result will be beautiful and worth it. Whether it’s beautiful because something was a wild success, or because I failed and learned something needed. It will still be worth it. 

I’ve taken some big bold steps already this year in the business, in my other work, and in my personal life. I’ve been tempted to not take those steps, but every time I feel myself leaning backwards, there’s another voice saying “trust.” So really when I look at the goals for 2020, the core question I could be asking myself is ‘where do I need to trust more deeply – trust for the big things, trust it’ll be okay if things fail, trust my core identity will not be shaken?’” 

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